I wish I could give
All I’m longing to give
I wish I could live
Like I’m longing to live
I wish I could do
All the things that I can do.
— Nina Simone

Before you read any further, you should know that I don't believe there is anything wrong with you. We've all heard the same story: living in the world as a trans, gender variant, and/or neurodivergent person can be hard. What we are starting to hear more and more is that we are also powerful, beautiful, and strong. I am dedicated to helping clients write their own authentic story, honoring the real struggles they face and embracing the uniqueness of their own experience. 

Justice-Oriented I combine a compassionate and personal counseling style with an active and empowering social justice approach. For folks with non-normative experiences, we often need support beyond a traditional approach contained within office walls. Alongside our personal work, I help clients navigate the systems they engage with and experience agency in systems often not designed for us. This includes, but is not limited to, navigating medical transition, engaging in advocacy, and educating employers and schools.

Radical My style is influenced by narrative therapy, which holds the basic belief that there are many different truths and we get to choose which ones have the most influence in our lives. I integrate queer theory, including looking at our assumptions and defining our own identities. Drawing on feminist and social justice counseling approaches, I believe that counseling is always a political practice, and that it is a radical act for trans, gender variant, and questioning people to care for ourselves and each other.

Somatic Our bodies contain a vast amount of knowledge that can sometimes be hard to access. I integrate a gentle somatic approach with a foundation in consent, going as close to or as far from embodied experience as is accessible and desirable for each client.

Ecological I am firm in my belief that gender variance and neurodivergence is a natural experience. I draw on inspiration from the natural world to support clients in finding a sense of peace in their own journey, whatever that may be.

Holistic Counseling is one way we can care for ourselves, but it is not the only way. I am connected with a variety of local professionals specializing in healing work, and I draw on this network to support my clients in every aspect of life.

Okay, that sounds interesting. What do I do next?

Getting started with therapy can be intimidating! Here are some simple steps for moving forward:

  • Check out a few other providers. Is there anyone I keep coming back to? What do I like about them? What do I not like?

  • A good website doesn't always mean a good counselor! Sometimes it's uncomfortable, but a phone call or email can tell you a lot about a provider. (This list describes the education and supervision requirements for each level of certification for mental health professionals in Colorado. I am an LPCC currently accumulating my hours to become an LPC.)

  • Trust your gut. It's easy to get drawn into the details of each provider. Remember to ask yourself how you feel with them. Even if they check all your boxes, if you don't feel the possibility of safety and trust, they probably aren't the right fit.

  • Remember, you can always leave. Even if you've gotten as far as someone's office, it's okay to tell them if they don't feel like a good fit or even just leave. This is your process, and you get to make the decisions.

I completed all those steps, and I think Jessie might be the right fit.

That's awesome! I'm so excited to meet you! Use the button below to send me an email or give me a call.