What does it mean to "pathologize" gender variance? What does race have to do with trans identity? What is my role as a mental health professional writing letters for hormones and surgery?

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The mental health field is steeped in oppression. And yet, here we are in the field navigating what this means for ourselves and our clients. We are here because we want to help people experience healing. How do we do this using the tools we have in the system we have? 

In my consultation services and trainings, I offer an explicitly anti-oppressive framework. Have you just seen your first non-binary client? Are you feeling conflicted about writing a letter for someone to start hormones?  Are you craving a deeper understanding of the social, historical, and political context of trans experience? These are just some of the questions we can explore together.

I'm passionate about helping other trans, gender variant, non-binary, etc. folks join the mental health field. Whether you are considering starting a counseling program, in the midst of a program but frustrated by the perspective, just graduated and want to work with other trans, gender variant, non-binary folks, or have been practicing for a while and want to connect with other professionals, I would love to hear from you. We need you!

Contact me to inquire about rates. I offer some pro-bono individual consultation for trans, gender variant, and non-binary folks entering the field.

Past Trainings

Gender Basics for Mental Health Professionals

If you consider your knowledge of gender variance as low/non-existent and your interest as high, this training is for you! This training contains two parts. The first part is a catered educational discussion about gender variance, trans identities, and some general considerations when working with gender variant and questioning clients. In the second half, we will talk about your more specific concerns/questions/experiences and workshop them with our new and existing knowledge. Both parts are totally based on the needs of the specific group members which makes for a rich conversation that leaves you with some concrete steps for your future work!


Individual Client Consultation

Letter-Writing and Gatekeeping

De-pathologizing Gender Variance

Gender Variance and Autism

Applying Queer Theory in Practice

Customized consultation to meet your specific needs


Gender Basics

Alternative Narratives of Trans/Gender Nonconforming Experience: Strengths, Benefits, and Gifts

Which Bathroom Do I Use?: Gender, Autism, and Early Childhood

A Brief History of Trans Medical History in the United States

Customized trainings to meet your specific needs

The only legitimate use of privilege is to try and dismantle the inequalities and unfairness of privilege.
— Rebecca Solnit